Support @ SMU

When students encounter discrimination, harassment and sexual misconduct, they can choose to disclose or report to staff from Voices@SMU, which is part of Student Services Hub.

The Unit’s trained staff will provide emotional and practical support, and work with our counsellors from Mrs Wong Kwok Leong Student Wellness Centre to help you.

Staff will also assist you in considering reporting options - which may include reporting to the University to expedite processes within SMU’s Student Disciplinary Code.

Voices@SMU is based on the principle of respect for all. In the process of advising and counselling, our staff strives to:

  • Listen without judgement
  • Take formal disclosures or accounts of incidents
  • Help explore available options
  • Provide information to help you make decisions on the next course of action
  • Explain reporting options (formally or informally) through the University or the police
  • Explain the University’s policies and procedures relating to harassment, including sexual harassment and assault/violence
  • Explore therapeutic support options
  • Advise on possible impacts on academic work, and provide guidance and support on extensions or mitigating circumstances for exams or assessments
  • Liaise and work with your school to implement support plans through your course of study
  • Guide and support you through each stage of action


All disclosures or reports will be treated with paramount confidentiality.

This means that all communication with our staff will not be shared with anyone, including your schools, or family members, without your explicit permission, so long as there is no imminent danger*.

*There may be instances when you, a peer, or someone else may be at significant risk of harm, and we may need to share pertinent information with respective authorities. When such occasions arise, we will discuss this with you first to seek your understanding on the implications of such situations.

Useful Resources

Mrs Wong Kwong Leong Student Wellness Centre (MWKLSWC)

Mrs Wong Kwong Leong Student Wellness Centre (MWKLSWC)
The Mrs Wong Kwong Leong Student Wellness Centre (MWKLSWC) has compiled a list of self-help resources on how to cope with traumatic events. The Centre has experienced counsellors trained to deal with sexual harassment and assault/violence incidences.

SMU Pro Bono Centre Legal Clinic

SMU Pro Bono Centre Legal Clinic
The Clinic is administered by the Pro Bono Centre with the help of volunteer lawyers and SMU Law students.

External Support

PAVE’s trained staff provide advice to those who have faced harassment/assault involving family members or partners.

6555 0390

AWARE Sexual Assault Care Centre
AWARE’s trained staff provide advice to those who have faced sexual assault or feel unsure about a sexual encounter.

6779 0282

Singapore Police Force
Report cases to the police immediately if you feel that you are a victim of sexual harassment or assault/violence, or are in a dangerous situation.


Sexual harassment and assault/violence abroad
If an incident has happened in another country and you are still there, contact the local police immediately, seek medical help if necessary, and contact the nearest Singapore Embassy as soon as possible for assistance.

Samaritans of Singapore (SOS) 

  • 24-hour emotional support to people in crisis, contemplating suicide, or affected by suicide
  • Also provides face-to-face specialist counselling and email befriending services


Institute of Mental Health

  • 24-hour emergency services

6389 2222

Counselling and Care Centre

Community Health Assessment Tem (CHAT)


Legal Advice and Information

Singapore Legal Advice – one-stop portal to help you look for legal information and connect with a lawyer

Legal Aid Bureau – to engage a legal aid Lawyer

Statutes of Singapore Online – an online resource to view all of Singapore’s statutes

Aware Sexual Assault Care Centre – understand more what is sexual assault and information on what to do and where to seek legal and medical help after experiencing an incident

Legal Clinics – resource to consult with lawyers for legal advice